About us


Est. 1933

75 years of excellence

The humble and simple beginnings of the company dates back to 1933 where the Late Sugathadasa Bandara established ‘Sugathadasa & Company’. The business was carried out at number 34, Keyzer Street in Pettah, manufacturing zinc blocks used for printing, rubber seals and carrying out engraving work.

The company having undergone ups and downs in business, gradually established itself and was re-named as Sugathadasa Bandara & Company in the 1950’s. Thereafter with the untiring efforts of its founder, the company gradually expanded and in 1972 its name changed to Sugathadasa Bandara & sons with the entry of the sons to the business.

In later stages it was made a partnership and re-registered as Sugathadasa Bandara & sons on 27th June 1984. With the joint efforts of the sons, the company prospered further and was made a private company on 1st April 1991 as Sugathadasa Bandara & Sons (PVT) LTD. Consequently the business was moved to Delkanda where it majestically stands at present.

The unique feature of our company is not only that we are the pioneers in Brass, Aluminium and Acrylic awards, we are also the market leaders in our filed with over 75 years of experience. We have been able to maintain the trust placed upon us by our valued customers by offering quality products of the highest standards.

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